Our Feeding Philosophy

Food creates life and quality food gives quality life. Our fur buddies are family and we want to give them food that will give them energy, prolong the aging process and perk their taste buds.

We want our puppers to enjoy food the same way as we can but through dog safe ingredients and food products. Petzenia meals and treats are dedicated to give them the energy they need for day to day activities and helps them live a healthy and happy life.

our commitment to natural

Our Commitment To Natural Ingredients 


We are dedicated to feed our dogs human grade ingredients that are not genetically modified or contain artificial colours or flavours to enhance the taste.

All our products are flavoured through natural fresh ingredients which is what makes our products delicious and irresistible for your pooch.

What Does All Natural Mean To Us?


Because they are safe to eat and reduces the chances of allergies

Guaranteed Freshness

Because they help keep meals fresh and tasty

Mimic Nature

Naturally occurring ingredients are easy to digest and provide your pooch with an outburst of energy

Our Petzenia Meals Recipes 


Our Petzenia Treats

Why Choose Us?

Cooked With Care

order mealsBecause we care for your fur child’s well being

Irresistible Taste

meals22Because we want them to enjoy dog safe gourmet meals

Cooked For Health

our commitment to naturalBecause we want them to live long and happy lives