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12 Worst Food Products For Dogs

They fill up our fridges and kitchen counters, but they are actually they worst food products for dogs. Go through this list to know more

Worst Food Products For Dogs

Dogs often land up in emergency wards because of our lack of vigilance. There are some food items that we take way too lightly because we see it everywhere. But remember some human food can actually be poison for dogs. This is why, we have compiled a list of 12 worst food products for dogs so that you know what you should keep far and away from your pooch

Onion And Garlic

12 Worst Food Products For Dogs

Onions, can destroy your dog’s red blood cells and cause anemia. A nibble should not harm them but if they get hold of an exceptionally large amount of onions at once, it can poison them. If this happens to your dog, you must take them to the vet immediately.

Garlic, on the other hand, is a bit controversial. Garlic poison is not uncommon with dogs, but recent studies show that small amounts of garlic can actually be quite therapeutic. By small be mean minuscule! We have still added garlic to this list because they are risky and should always be out of paws reach.

Tea and Coffee

12 Worst Food Products For Dogs

Tea and coffee has similar effects on dogs as it does with humans. But while these beverages make us fresh and active, they make your dog restless and hyperactive. Too much tea or coffee can cause seizures and even death! What’s worse is, prolonged intake of these beverages can cause irreversible damages to your dog. So remember, tea and coffee should never find its way into their mouth. They can do without the coffee kick in the mornings.

Grapes And Raisins

grape raisin - 12 Worst Food Products For Dogs

If there is one fruit that should NEVER enter your dog’s mouth, it’s grapes! They can live without knowing the taste because, grapes will do a lot more harm than good to dogs. It puts pressure on their kidneys and in severe cases cause renal/kidney failure and even death! Even small amounts of it can make your dog vomit.

Raisins are even worse because they have no fluids! Dogs may be curious, they may even try to taste it. This is why we must tell children not to share grapes with their dogs and also inform visitors, who may be unaware.


12 Worst Food Products For Dogs

The milk that we get from the store is not pooch safe. Dogs are not able to digest lactose and though small amounts of it will no harm (or good), large amounts of milk will cause diarrhea. Instead of milk you can give them special calcium formulas, especially made for dogs. Curd is also a fantastic option for the summers. So do away with milk but definitely incorporate the desi dahi.

Sugary Food

12 Worst Food Products For Dogs

Well, we all know this because sugar isn’t too good for us either. It’s actually worse for our dogs! It will not have immediate health risks but long term effects of sugar include obesity, diabetes and hair-fall. There have been cases of sugar poisoning for dogs so cakes and pastries cannot be unsupervised around dogs. Do not give in to their whines and pleas because no sugar may actually earn them a few extra years with you!


12 Worst Food Products For Dogs

Chocolates, especially dark chocolates are one of the worst things you can give your dog. Not only because it contains caffeine, but because it contains theobromin and theophylline- two extremely toxic items for your dog. It can lead to nervous damage, vomiting, panting and diarrhea. The smaller your dog the worse effect it will have on them. Chocolate can even kill a small dog that has too much of it. This does not mean that bigger dogs are off the hooks. These human treats should be far and away from your darling pooch.

Medicine Prescribed For Humans

12 Worst Food Products For Dogs

Just like how you check with your pediatrician before you give your child a medicine, you have to check with your vet before giving your dog any medicine. Some medicines are common for dogs and humans but are given according to weight and size. Other medicines like painkiller can be deadly. So always check with your vet before giving your dog any medicine.

Cooked Bones And Meat Fat

12 Worst Food Products For Dogs

You can occasionally give your dog raw bones, provided that it’s treated, but cooked bones are an absolute no-no. Cooked bones are softer on the outside but can easily split inside their stomach and cause splinters. They can also choke on it.

Meat fat is, on the other hand, is the fatty part of meat we usually throw away. Raw or cooked meat fat is really unhealthy for them and can cause pancreatitis in the long run.

Cat Food

12 Worst Food Products For Dogs

Cats and dogs have different dietary needs from one another. While dogs are omnivorous, cats are complete carnivores. This is why cat food has a much higher protein content than dog food. If dogs accidentally nibble on a bit of cat food, it should be fine but if they are fed cat food as a replacement to dog food, that will be a problem. Cat food can put pressure on your dogs kidneys and in worst cases, cause kidney diseases.


Raw Eggs

12 Worst Food Products For Dogs

Raw egg is actually not bad for them. The problem however is, where you buy the egg from. The egg that we buy from our local butcher shop is actually swimming with E Coli. But don’t worry, hard boil eggs are safe, because the heat usually kills all the bacteria. Cooled hard boiled eggs are a great source of protein for dogs. So remember, next time you feed your dog eggs, let it dance in boiling water for a few minutes and serve it nice and cold!


12 Worst Food Products For Dogs

Salt, like sugar, will not cause immediate problems for your dog. But too much salt will lead to excessive thirst, vomiting and even depression. For humans, we expel salt through sweat. Dogs sweat only through their paws so the salt that comes through their food is usually enough to fulfill their requirements.

Sweet Drinks

12 Worst Food Products For Dogs

Sometimes we don’t realise how terrible certain human food can be for dogs. Commercial sugary drinks are in fact worse than sugar. Too much of it can cause poisoning. As for aerated drinks- the carbon-dioxide in these drinks can make their stomach twist and turn. In severe cases, it may cause seizures and, in worst cases, death.

Dogs can eat certain fruits in sparing quantities. When dealing with food their is not a part of their natural diet, human supervision is necessary. Keep the food items mentioned above, well out of reach and and also inform children about the hazards of sharing certain snacks with their four legged buddy.

If they accidentally consume any of these harmful food products, make sure to take them to the vet immediately.

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