Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Head?

Have you ever wondered why dogs tilt their head? Well this article may help understand it better

dogs tilt their head

Ever noticed your dog tilting their head when they hear a strange sound or when you ask them for a walk? Dogs tilt their head often in response to a certain stimulus. This can be anything from a whistle to a call for a car drive. We can’t deny that it’s their most adorable expression. But have you ever wondered what is going on in their heads when they do it?

Here are a few possible reasons for it

1 To Scan Our Face Better

Dogs, just like humans, try to read us through our facial expressions. According to Dr. Stanley Corren, ‘dogs do this because they want to see our faces better, and to compensate for the way in which their muzzles obscure part of their vision’. He also added that dogs with flat faces like Pugs, Boston Terriers and Pekingese, are less likely to tilt their head for this reason.

2 To Listen Attentively

The popular theory is that dogs tilt their head to listen. It helps them locate the sound better and measure the distance of the source. Dogs have extremely sensitive ears and their brain that can calculate the time differences between the sound reaching both ears. By tilting their head, they get an accurate calculation.

3 To Understand Better

According to another research by Dr. Steven (Author of ‘Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training’), dogs try to associate our voice and language with rewards because we have taught it to them. We train puppies with rewards like treats and head pats when they do something good, hence they try to communicate better by analyzing these words or tones and trying to associate it with such rewards.

4 Because They Care!

According to Mental Floss, dogs tilt their head because they are trying to tell us that they care (heart melts instantly). According to them, dog tilts their head to show empathy and also that they are listening to us. It’s not surprising, really, as we all know that our buddies are always in tune with our emotions (well, most of the time anyways).

If you think about it, we humans do it, too. When someone tells us about a sad story or some unfortunate news, we often tilt our heads in a caring way.


In short, dogs are adorable and though we don’t exactly know why they tilt their heads, we can all agree that they look very cute doing it.

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