Why Are Labradors So Popular?

Labradors have been the most sought after dog breed for years

The friendly and playful Labrador has remained the most popular of breed dogs for a long time. The Labrador is an extremely trainable and laid back breed. Labradors are frequently trained to assist the blind and help children with autism. This isn’t all, Labradors have also been trained as sniffer dogs in many police forces. Labradors learn quickly and are always eager to please.

Here are 10 reasons that make Labradors so popular!

1 They are low maintenance

Labradors have a short coat that require very little grooming. Regular baths and minimal brushing is usually enough to keep the coat clean. Many dog owners also supplement their diets with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to keep the coat shiny. This is why Labradors are suitable in many climates around the world. Labradors have a smooth and waterproof coat which helps them swim easily.

2 They are great with kids

Labradors make great companion for kids. These dogs are usually laid back and not aggressive towards children. The Labrador however is a big dog weighing between 25-35 kg and as with any animal, adults should always supervise when babies are with dogs. Many researches have shown a Labrador to be one of the happiest breeds that just loves to please and play.

labradors learn fast

3 They learn fast

Labradors are fast learners. This is why they can be trained to do a wide variety of tasks right from sniffing bombs to assisting the disabled. Labradors will never get bored to learn. You can expect a Labrador to be obedience-trained by the age of 15 months which make them very popular in the household. Labradors are naturally inclined to listen and obey their owners.

4 Occasional barker

Unlike many other breeds, the Labrador does not bark too much. This is another reason why they are so popular. Labradors are great watchdogs and will only bark when suspicious.

labradors socialize with other dogs


5 They socialize with other dogs

Labradors are known to be one of the friendliest dog breeds in the world. Not only with humans but other dogs too. Labradors are very calm around other dogs seldom getting into a fight. This trait especially helps if you have/ want multiple pets or have neighbors with dogs. Having a social dog like the Labrador will save you from regular fights over your dogs!

6 They are not finicky when it comes to food

Labradors love food! They are easily trained to be on a variety of diets like home-made food, canned-food, commercial dog food etc. Labradors will eat almost anything given to them. The flexibility of their diet makes them a favorite among working pet-parents and places where high quality commercial feed is not readily available. However, one should be careful about a Lab’s diet as they tend to gain weight very fast. Be very careful about the amount and type of food you give a Labrador.

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labradors adapt to climates


7 They adapt to many climatic conditions

Unlike many long coat breeds, this dog adapts to most climates in the world. Labradors do well in tropical climates as well as colder regions. Their adaptability combined with low maintenance makes them a top choice when considering a pet.

8 They are protective of their pack

Labradors are one of the friendliest breed but this doesn’t mean they are not protective. Labradors are protective towards their family, especially kids. Their protective nature combined with ease of train-ability makes them a great watch dog. Watch dogs alarm their packs (family) when they sense any threat. This helps if you live in a secluded area or a separate apartment.

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labradors have high life expectancy


9 They have a high life expectancy

Labradors have a high life expectancy considering their size. The minimum life expectancy is 10 and the average is 14 years. Other breeds of this size usually have a lower life expectancy. A high life expectancy means you get to make a lot of fond memories with your pooch.

10 Labradors love working out

If you love going for walks and runs, you will have one of the best companions in a Lab. Labradors are high energy dogs who love to engage in physical activities. Physical activities also help stimulate their brain and make them healthier both mentally and physically. Their athletic nature makes them a top choice for fitness enthusiasts.

So, these were the top 10 reasons why Labs have become so popular. What makes a Labrador awesome for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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