‘We Are A Small Happy Family’

Kanchan’s parents told her to leave this ‘dog’ but she had different plans for her daughter Ayra

She was a seven-month-old Labrador when I adopted her. I was hesitant to keep an older puppy but she was so sweet that I had to agree. I instantly had this motherly feeling over her. She became my baby Ayra.

Four days after bringing her home, my parents told me to leave her. They wanted a much younger puppy and not a big dog. When I disagreed, they gave me two options- leave Ayra or leave the home. I chose the latter option and shifted to Pune with Ayra.

I am an audiologist and a speech therapist so it was not very difficult for me to get a job in Pune. Nevertheless, life after shifting was not easy for me. There were times when Ayra only ate chapatis. I couldn’t give her any chicken and she ate her food without complaining.

It has been three years since I have shifted from my house. We have had many financial problems but we are happy together. She supports me through all my ups and down and without her I am nothing.

When I got married, I made it clear to my husband that Ayra would live with us. Thankfully he was okay with it. Now my husband and I live together with our daughter Ayra. We are a small happy family.

Author: Kanchan Chintamani Shinde

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