Wagah And Saga- The Two Kings

Read this beautiful story of the friendship shared between a German Shepherd and a Pomeranian. This story was sent to us by Kishore

German Shepherd and a Pomeranian

In my family we never called them ‘dogs’. They are named Wagah and Saga and are very much part of the family. They have their own space and are very much part of the family.

It all started with Saga. He is the one you see on the left. Saga is a Tamil word for Friendship. He came to us when he was a puppy and he brought so much meaning to our life. Now, he doesn’t know that he is has grown into a full size German Shepherd. He is a baby boy in front of us but as soon as he sees strangers, he roars like a lion till they run away.

Wagah (meaning: India-pak border) came much later. Though he is a puppy, he dominates Saga and keeps him under control. You can see him doing the same in the picture above. Though he doesn’t look it (because of his size and cuteness), he is actually quite aggressive.

Both Wagah and Saga came into my family and showed us what love really is. It has definitely changed me for the better. I want to help animals or the society only because of Wagah and Saga. After living with them and understanding them for so many years, I can say that they are the best living things in the world!

A story by: Kishore

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