Easily Train A Rat To Come When Called

train rat

Rats are some of the smartest animals that can be easily trained to perform tricks. The steps below would help you teach your ratty to come when called. It is much easier to train a rat than most think!


  1. Place your rat at a distance of approximately 2 feet from you. Shorter distances at first will help your rat understand the concept and make it easy for him to follow you. You may increase the distance once your rat has understood what he is being treated for
  2. Hold your rat’s favorite treat and lure him. Try shaking it in front of him to gain his attention. Call him to get attention
  3. As soon as your rat comes to you, give him the treat and some love! Your rat will want more of it. Keep doing this until you increase the distance between you and your rat to around 4-5 feet.
  4. Remember not to overfeed as it may do more harm than good. It is a good practice to give your rats tiny bits of treat instead of large portions
  5. Do this for a few days so your rat can register the commands well. Usually this takes around 1-2 weeks for a typical rat to remember.
  6. Stop giving treats once your rat understand the command well. Instead, give him more love and affection when he listen to your commands well!
  7. Repeat often and give your rat lots of love and affection. Because they are worth it!

We hope these steps helps your rat to learn new stuff! If you know any other methods, do leave them in the comments section below!


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