Adopting A Dog? Things You Should Know

Here are some things you should keep in mind before adopting a dog

Adopting A Dog? Things You Should Know

Raising a dog isn’t as easy as we think. They are a commitment for 10-15 years that requires constant research through every phase of their life. This means that dogs cannot be thrown around as birthday gifts. There are many factors that you should keep in mind before you open your hearts and your homes to a deserving pooch. We will list them for you:

The Deal Dog

Though your dog will be your responsibility, you should also keep your family’s opinion and abilities in mind. After all, you will all be one big happy family. Consider adopting an adult dog if people in your family are aged or have some disabilities. This is because adolescent dogs or powerful breeds can accidentally topple older members of your family. If you choose to adopt a big breed, you must also start training them as soon as possible and teach them to be gentle around elderly people and children.

Never keep children below 8 years unsupervised with puppies lesser than 8 months old or toy-breed dogs. This is an accident waiting to happen! Nevertheless, with proper supervision, pups and kids make great friends.

Your House

So a big dog needs a big house and a small dog a small house? It is actually not as obvious as we think. It mostly depends on your dog’s energy level. True, a highly energetic small dog can indeed have a decent workout in an apartment but a large but lethargic dog will not have a problem in an apartment either. Space can be an issue if you have a large energetic dog in an apartment. It is not the apartment size that is a direct problem but an access to a large running space. Ideally a bungalow with an attached lawn wound be an ideal space for a large energetic dog but if you live in an apartment and can work your dog out regularly in a dog park or an empty lawn, you are good to go!


Any dog irrespective of the size or breed needs a high quality diet which consists of protein, carbs, vitamins and calcium. Their diet should consist of at least 25-30%. If you are a vegetarian and plan on keeping your dog a vegetarian as well, you need to research on the ideal plant based proteins that are beneficial to your pooch.

Do keep in mind that food costs money. If you are on a budget, consider adopting a small to medium sized dog, or a dog that does not require a specialized diet.

Whose Dog?

Here it is important to understand if your dog belongs to the family or to you. If he or she is the family dog, each member must take responsibility in either walking, bathing or feeding the dog. Your dog should understand who is their go-to person.


No matter how much we love our dogs, they come with a cost. No this doesn’t include the cost of ‘buying’ the pup (which is an additional cost), rather the costs of maintaining your pup like food, medical, grooming and training are kept in consideration. Dogs need a high quality protein rich diet for good health. Do not offer them table scraps/ human food that might mess up their digestion and health. They also need regular vet visits.

Other costs include toys and treats. You will not only have to invest money, but time as well to train them well. Many hire professional trainers and walkers to teach which can cost a lot of money. Hence, it is a good idea to plan out a certain budget before bringing home a pooch.


Needless to say, all dogs are cute! It is always a good idea to pick a dog or a breed that is better suited for your climatic conditions. For instance in a hot city like Mumbai, a lanky dog with a shorter coat will be much more suitable for the place. If you bring home a dog that thrives in your climatic condition you will automatically reduce health risks, vet visits and sometimes you will cut down on grooming as well.

Be sure to research well before getting your pooch home. Nothing’s more exciting than welcoming a new family member. We hope you found this helpful and wish you luck with you pup!

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