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These Fish Species Are So Smart, They Will Be Your Friend!

fishes that will be your friend

Many think that fishes are the most boring pets to have. Not only do they live under water, they just don’t care about what goes on outside their aquarium. So, to solve all your doubt about fish pets, we thought we will put up a list of fishes who will love to be your friend.



Let’s just put it out there- goldfishes are NOT dumb! And no they do NOT have a three second memory. Read our article ‘Goldfish Myths Busted’ to know more. Goldfishes are known for their unique personalities and their ability to interact with their humans. Each goldie has a unique personality of their own. Some are shy while others will push their fellow fish mates to be the first to get to their food. Some goldfishes have even learned certain tricks and eat off their human’s hands!

However if you plan on keeping a goldie, please do some research because these guys are not as easy as people think them to be. Fish bowls are not the ideal place to keep goldfish. They also live long and grow big so it is important to do your research before you keep them.

Flower Horn


The Flower horn is a tank bred cichlid that is considered lucky in the Feng Shui tradition. This fish requires a reasonably large tank but is quite hardy. Presently, even those who do not believe in Feng Shui are starting to keep this fish because they are just so fun to interact with. They recognize their owners and some only go to their owners and eat from their hands. These guys recognize familiar touches!

If they are well cared for these guys can stick with you for around ten years! If you want to know more, read the article, ‘Flower horn- The Lucky Fish’.

Betta Fish

These are another hardy fish, perfect for beginners! They do not like other betta fish but that does not mean that these guys don’t like their humans! Some betta fish get very excited when they see their humans and many even eat off their human hands! If your betta trusts you they will probably follow your fingers when you dip them in their tank. It is really one of the cutest things they do.

Puffer Fish

Some owners even compare the puffer fish to puppies because they are just so intelligent! They are often quite shy in the beginning but once they get to know you they come up to say high and often get excited during meal times. If you are a beginner, we’d suggest you go for the dwarf puffer because the bigger varieties are harder to keep.

So here is our list of friendly fishes. Do you agree with us? Do post pictures of your fish buddy in the comments section down below. Happy friendship day!

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