Shadow – My Son, My Savior

Read this beautiful story, sent to us by Monika Sharma. She talks about the her journey with her dog Shadow. Together they save they try to ‘save them all’.

Shadow- My Son, My Savior

God is universe, God is the nucleus of every atom.. God is in everyone, God is everywhere..

Sometimes God decides to come into your life when you least expect him. He takes the form of a dog- four paws and a wagging tail- to put you on your rightful path and give a new meaning to your life. For me, God came to me and put me on an extraordinary adventure to serve and connect with the mother nature.

Simply put, God spelled backwards is Dog

You know you were born for a greater cause, when you are blessed with an angel who teaches you the meaning of unconditional love and devotion. This is when you feel you have to do whatever you can to save them.

Such is my life. It was ordinary till Shadow put his paw in it. He entered our lives a decade ago. Shadow, like many others has a story as well, he too has a story to tell. I want to share his journey with you because I feel it is important for all future pet parents to adopt their future fur child.

I was on my way to Delhi with my husband. The 6th of February, 2008, was a foggy day to start with. It was a long trip and it only started to take a new turn when we stopped at the red light. Suddenly I saw a little puppy, on the side (barely, 30 days old) tied outside a breeder’s shop. He was alone, clearly unwell and scrawny. My heart sank. When I showed the disheartening scene to my husband,  he pulled to the side to tell the breeder to keep him inside. He refused, saying that the might die soon, and infect other “Breed Pups” as well. He could not afford such a huge loss.

After we failed to convince him to follow basic humane and ethical protocols, we decided to take Shadow instead. We bought him a basket, towels and napkins and took him straight to the vet. He was diagnosed with neurological trauma and spinal issues. Shadow was weak but had the spirit of a warrior. Many vets suggested that Shadow was going through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.) and asked us not to keep much hope in his survival. But their efforts and our faith paid off and that’s why Shadow is ten years old today.

Now you will say we saved him, but the truth is, he saved us. He reassured our faith in the Almighty and showed us our destined path with his shining eyes and never-say-never attitude 🙂 His treatment went on for sometime, and he started becoming stable. We don’t have a child but Shadow filled the void. We won’t have it any other way. Shadow is our son and we are blessed to have him. He brought us closer to the pains of other animals and helped us understand mother nature’s tongue.

Shadow gave me the strength to do whatever I can to help the fauna around me. I started by feeding the street dogs, and soon it extended to bovines and birds. Now, house has frequent non-human visitors.

After Shadow came into our life, I came across many animal-lovers and animal rescuers. I learned that there are different requirements for animals in need- some needed immediate treatment while others needed a place where they can recover. Every dog must be sterilized to stop another tragedy from happening. I fulfilled my responsibility by getting my community dogs sterilized. I also started to foster abandoned and injured dogs. Shadow turned out to be quite a Doctor! He understood their emotional needs and gave them company till they got better. With Shadow’s help I was able to re-home many dogs in need.

We soon opened our home based boarding for pets. It has since invited bundles of positivity, unconditional love and joy. Shadow is the Manager. He monitors all their needs and calms down the anxious ones. Sometimes he becomes their play-coach and disciplines them when needed. Working with Shadow has made dog sitting a fun experience for me.

Shadow is a special kid, life hai hamari!!

Charity begins at home, so open your eyes, start with feeding and sheltering your street-babies. Educate yourself and others about the value of life. Even of the smallest ants teach us not to give up and keep moving forward. Adopt a stray, adopt an Indie, adopt a shelter dog but make sure you adopt. Visit animal hospitals and shelters, in your locality, and start volunteering. This is how you will learn about their miserable lives.

Once you devote your  life to them, it will take you to a different parallel altogether. A single animal has the potential to change your life and to put you on God’s described path. Just begin, be the best version of yourself. 💕

Monika Shadow

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