Pet Dog Dies While Fighting Intruder In Mumbai

Lucky lost his life after being attacked with a knife. (Pratik Salunke/HT photo)

An adopted mixed breed dog was killed in Mumbai’s Antop Hill area as it came in the way of a knife attack. The woman, Sumiti Devendra escaped unharmed but Lucky, the pet dog died minutes after the attack due to rapid blood loss.

Sources attached to Antop Hill police station said that Venkatesh was having an affair with his sister-in-law Rosy’s younger sister. When Rosy found out about their romantic relationship, she opposed it, following which Venkatesh started yelling at Rosy and ran behind her with a knife, creating a commotion in the area.

When Rosy went to Sumati for help, the accused entered Sumati’s house and attacked the two women with a knife.Lucky jumped on Venkatesh seeing him so violent. Venkatesh in turn ended up stabbing Lucky in the abdomen. When Venkatesh tried to flee the spot, the locals caught him and took him to the Antop Hill police station.

pet dog
Sumiti Devendra cannot bear the loss of her beloved Lucky (Pratik Salunke/HT photo)

“My dog barked and charged at him. Venkatesh stabbed him,” she said.

“Even if he was a stray picked up from the road, he meant the world to me. Now that he is gone, I can’t even get myself to eat.”

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