Our Pug Is Our Little Princess

Read this beautiful story written by Nikita Satam, about the bond she shares with her pug Louie

I loved pets since my childhood and always wanted to have one. So, when I became financially independent, me and my sibling decided to bring home a pup. I started my research on dogs- their behaviour and training, so that it will be easier for me to train the puppy when I bring it home.

She was a 2 month old pupper when we got her. It was not difficult for me to train her. We potty trained her within a month and taught her some basic commands as well.

Louie is a well-behaved girl but gets aggressive if I pet other dogs. She probably gets jealous. Otherwise she can be very loving. She loves fruits and she gets crazy over bananas.

She went through a very tough time a month after we got her. We left her alone in the house for around ten minutes and within this time she found the groceries, that we left on one side. She got into the vegetable oil bag and lick all its contents. The oil made her very sick and we had to take her to the vet immediately. With the proper medical attention and care she bounced back to health.

Everyone in my family love her unconditionally and she returns that love too! She waits for me at the door for me when the clock ticks to 8pm. When I am late, my mother tells me that she frowns in one corner of the house. She greets us every day with a wagging tail and loads of wet kisses. I’m always eager to reach home by 8 and see my Louie.

Louie in her various costumes

I love spending my weekends with her. I take her on scooty rides and she loves it! Sometimes, we go on walks and meet our furry friends in the dog park. When I take for walks, people call her Vodafone dog. I hate this! For me she is more than just a dog, she is my family.

There was a time when I had to leave for 2 months for my company training. I cried all the way during my journey. I thought she may not recognise me when I come back because she was only either months later. After two months I came back home and was extremely happy because I got my base branch in Mumbai. I was so excited to see her again. She went crazy when she saw me, she jumped all over me rolled on the floor and kissed me. I was teary when saw her excitement.

My boyfriend hated dogs and he never touched them. Things changed after I got Louie. He got so attached to Louie that he will hug her and pick her up when she is tired of walking. He does everything he can for Louie. Now, he loves other dogs too. Louie has changed his perception about dogs.
Louie can keep the home environment positive with her grace and presence. We get worried when she is sick, because we want her to wag her tail and run around happily. She is not less than a human being. She is the best and I will always be thankful to God for having her in our life.

Louie and I share a strong bond and I hope this bond between us goes beyond the grave. She is my everything, My heart!

Author: Nikita Satam

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