Our Darling- Darlene

Mahminga Sailo is a vet from Aizwal, Mizoram. Curing sick animals was second nature for him but he fell in love with his own dog when Darlene was dropped off at his doorstep. Here is his story:

adopted dog

I am Vet by profession. I work in my own pet clinic named ‘Waggin’ Tails’ in Aizawl city, Mizoram.

We never thought of having pet as we are busy in the clinic every day. But one fine day, on the 27th January, 2016, one of my friends handed her to me. We came to know that this little girl was not even a month old. She had two other sisters when their Mom passed away. My friend was worried she won’t survive on her own and he had every right to worry as she was very little.

We tried to get her adopted among our friends, but no one was willing to take her. This is how she ended up living with us. We named her Darlene. Now, Darlene has become nothing less than a family member. We bring her to our clinic every day and she sleeps on the same bed as us. She accompanies us wherever we go. Our time with Darlene has become a fun routine and we cannot imagine a life without her.

Darlene loves her friends and is always exited to meet the pets that visit our clinic. She also loves us and longs for us when we (me and my wife) leave her in the house. During these times, Darlene sadly keeps to one corner till we come back home.

Darlene is also an expert pillion rider on bikes and scooties. She is accustomed to it because we take the scooty to work every day. She eagerly jumps in a demands for her morning ride. On the bike, she makes herself comfortable on the fuel tank. She is very good at maintaining her balance but we still leash her-  just to be safe.

Darlene can also be a little princess in the sense that she doesn’t eat or drink from the same bowl as other dogs. She turns her face until we change the bowl and provide her with fresh food or water! Darlene can be quite a picky eater but she graciously accepts food from her mom (my wife) and not me! Nail clipping can also be very tough, but our Darlene never fights, instead, she would calmly nap upon our lap- just like a princess!

We celebrated her first birthday last year, the 31st December, 2016. It was very memorable and we hope to celebrate many more birthdays with her. Darlene is our darling! We love her and never think of loosing her.

Author: Mahminga Sailo

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