5 Reasons Why Older Dogs Make Wonderful Pets

older dogs

There are many dogs out there who desperately need a home and are not getting one because they are adults. Why is it  difficult to re-home older dogs? Perhaps because many want to live through the many stages of puppyhood. Others feel it is impossible for adult dogs to adjust in a new setting.

The number of adult dogs dying in shelters, are on the rise. This is very unfortunate because older dogs do make a perfect addition to the family. Many adjust to the new family rules quite easily. In order to get rid of these misconceptions, we thought of compiling a few pros to giving a home to a homeless adult canine.

Say Bye Bye To Teething

It’s cute at first until you reach the sixth or seventh month of teething- that’s when really starts to hurt! Chew toys can keep them entertained but nothing satisfies them as much as your soft fingers. Older dogs already develop a permanent set of teeth which means that your hands are safe from the torture.

Easier To Train

Who said ‘you can’t train an old dog new tricks’? It is actually easier to train older dogs. Sometimes, adult dogs are taught basic commands like ‘sit or stay from their previous home. Many are also potty trained. However, if they are not trained basic commands, they usually learn faster than pups because they are more calm and patient. Do observe their habits and make sure they haven’t picked up any bad habit from their earlier household, like stealing human food off the counter. It might need a little time and patience to correct these habits but with dedication they will learn new house rules.

Less Hyper

An older dog has ‘seen it all’, which is why they might not be as curious when you put a box in front of them, or a multi colored umbrella, for that matter. They are less likely to run around and sink their teeth in it. This makes off-leash training much easier because they are less likely to lose their way chasing a butterfly. If you are an older person and are looking for a dog that won’t make you chase it every time you go for a walk, consider adopting an older dog. These mature dogs will NOT keep you on your toes all the time.

Manageable Temperament

Most pet owners have a misconception that older dogs are disowned because they have behavior issues. This is not true in most cases. Many dogs get abandoned because of callous owners who are unaware of their requirements. Other reason for abandoning dogs are financial issues and shifting. In India, these senior dogs might also be street dogs who were victims of abuse or accidents. So, it is not necessary that they all have behavior issues. In most cases, these oldies are real softies!

Another perk of having a mature dog is that they do not do through puberty. This is why they are calmer than 7-8 month old puppies. Do consider sterilizing your dog if it hasn’t been done already. This will reduce health risks like uterine cancer or testicular cancer.

Unconditional Love

Another misconception is that older dogs will never settle into your house as well as a puppy would. Dogs, on the other hand, perceive the world much differently. As soon as you accept them, they become a part of a new pack- your pack. They are willing to do anything for their pack and if they haven’t had an accepting pack in the past, it gives them even more reasons to stick to you for good.

An older dog requires a home just as much as a puppy. With the pet shelters crowding up in full speed their chances of getting a home seems even more unlikely. So, if you are planning to get a dog, do look into pet homes in your locality and adopt a senior dog if you can. With proper love and care they will stick by your ‘pack’ for life. After all, it doesn’t matter if you were with them in the beginning, as long as you have stuck with them till the end.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Have you ever adopted a dog above a year old? Were they easy to train? And how long did it take them to adjust to your house? Please do comment on our social media handles and let us know about your experience. We would love to hear from you!

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