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OCD- Obsessive Canine Disorder! What Is It?

When you just can’t live without your canine pal!

Do you think you have it? Read the symptoms below to find out. There is a good chance you have Obsessive Canine Disorder if:

You are always thinking about him/her

Their loud barks start sounding cute

Every time you see your pooch, you just want to squeeze them!

Watching them do day to day activities like eating and sleeping overwhelms you with love

Even a day without the tail wags and wet licks drives you crazy!

In fact! Sometimes you miss them even if they are a few meters away from you!

You would let them sleep on the floor. . . but then. . . You can’t sleep without him/her next to you

When they make a mess you shout at them until they make THAT face. SNAP! You are giving them cuddles again.

You start growing fond of that doggy smell they carry

You just find excuses to be around them ALL THE TIME!

If you have the symptoms above we are certain you have severe obsessive canine disorder and unfortunately (or fortunately) this condition cannot be treated. This illness has symptoms like happiness and elevated energy in day to day lives. We too have OCD and can’t stop smiling ever since!

Hi guys! Hope you enjoyed our little joke on the bond we share with our cute canines. We love them dearly and they love us too! This love bond will continue till the very end!

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