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Never Forget These When You Bring Home A Dog

Who does not want a darling pooch to give them unconditional love throughout their life? But dogs can never be kept on impulse, there is a certain amount of research that needs to be done. You also need to be mentally prepared for the time and dedication that one will need. So we thought we will put forward a short list of all the things you must know before bringing home this bundle of joy.


Dogs can digest a bit of carbohydrates but meat needs to be the major portion in their diet. Sometimes people convert their dogs to vegetarians if the rest of the family members are vegetarians. Turning your dog to a vegetarian will make them very weak because their body is accustomed to getting nutrients from meat. If you feel if will be difficult for you bring meat for your pooch, we would suggest a good quality dog food that has chicken or quail as it’s main ingredient. You can also go for lamb based commercial dog food but white lean meat is the best for them.


Dogs need some amount of workout everyday. Some people think that they should only take their dog out is when they need to relieve themselves. But that is not true. Your pooch will be much healthier if they get to jog or run for sometime in the day. Of course their energy levels depend upon breed and size but most dogs enjoy running with their owners. You don’t have to be expert runner but you need to take out some time in the day to play fetch or tug-of-war with them everyday (no matter how busy you are).


Keep in mind that dogs (long fur coat or short) will shed some amount of fur all year. Of course they shed more during certain time of the year and long haired dogs shed more fur than short haired dogs. Either ways you need to be prepared to do some extra cleaning after your new pooch comes to your household.

Potty Training

Dogs need to be potty trained and this will take some time and dedication from your side. You should start training when your dog is a few months old and continue till their first year.  If you have adopted an older dog then you can start training right away. Usually older dogs are quite fast to learn. Either ways you will have to be prepared to take your dog down and also clean them if they get unclean.


With a new member added to the family vacations have to be well thought out. This is because most hotels do not allow dogs, so you have find pet friendly accommodations and also pet friendly traveling alternatives.
If you have no other option but to leave you pooch behind, you need to find temporary dog sitters for them. Never leave your dog behind at home even if you would be away for a couple of days. An empty house can create a lot of anxiety and depression within a dog.

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Be prepared for a wet surprise as some dogs may drool lot more than others! Molossers are prone to be drooly in the dog family.

Keeping a dog can help you and change you in ways you can’t imagine. But when you keep another living being at home, there is no backing off from your responsibility. We hope you house a pooch really soon, all the best!

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