Love Is ‘Four Legs, A Wagging Tail And A Wet Nose’

Read this beautiful story written by Nirmal Jain about the bond he shares with his dog- Tuffy

Four Legs, A Wagging Tail And A Wet Nose

He was only 39 days old when I first saw him. His tiny eyes met mine and that’s when I knew I met my best friend. I decided that this little ball of fluff is ‘Tuffy’.

Who knew love would come with four legs, a wagging tail and a wet nose. In a span of ten months we learned to understand each other without even speaking the same language. Tuffy is one of a kind. He loves attention and can’t bear it if I am on my phone for too long. He will stare at me till I leave my phone aside and play with him. Belly rubs are his favourite! He wouldn’t mind if we do it for hours.

When I come back from work, Tuffy pounces on me with excitement and we both plummet to the ground. He licks me all over my face and makes me forget about my long and tiring day.

After I come home I always take him to a nearby park. I have to run laps just to make him walk! Which brings me to the fact that Tuffy is the laziest dog in the world! I can attest for that! We have been eating together for 10 months. He can guard my house but not my food!



I really look forward to bathing Tuffy at the end of every week. Unfortunately, he does not share the enthusiasm. Tuffy hates bath time! As soon as I pour water on him, he runs out the bathroom, leaving me drenched along with the slippery tiles of the bathroom floor.

Despite all the crazy things he keeps doing, Tuffy fills my life with colour. I don’t need an app to check my compatibility with him. Our relationship goes beyond that. We are so attached to each other now that I cannot imagine a day without him. He brings so much meaning to my life and I hope I do the same for him too!

Author: Nirmal Jain

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