Latest News: KSRTC Allows Pets On Board!

Here’s is a good news to all you pet lovers and owners- KSRTC allows pets on board!

Latest News: KSRTC Allows Pets On Board!

Love to travel but can’t take your pet along? Well, if you live in Karnataka, you have some good news. Latest reports suggest that Karnataka State Road Transport Cooperation (KSRTC) has allowed pets to travel alongside their humans from the 1st Feb, 2018. KSRTC officials felt it was necessary to introduce this rule after they received complains from passengers who were not allowed to travel with their pets. This is when KSRTC officially opened doors to non-human passengers.

There is a travelling fare for pets. Dogs are charged as much as any adult while cats, birds, puppies etc are charged according to the prescribed child fare. This makes it easier for pet parents as they need not make arrangements for their pet while they go on long trips.

Travelling with your pet can be an exciting experience but do make sure you take some necessary precautions before you book their tickets. As a responsible pet parent, you must leash or cage your pet while they are on the bus. Do make sure that your pet knows basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ and can be calm in different situations.

Like humans, dogs are also prone to motion sickness. Make sure you have the right medications handy. Do talk to your vet before you take them on board. Since KSRTC made travelling a little convenient for pet owners, we must be responsible on the road. Make sure your pet is under control during the journey. Also make sure to make a small tag with your name and contact information. Attach it on your pet’s collar in case they get lost.

Karnataka is the first state to allow pets in their busses. This is a crucial step to progress as it makes travelling more pet friendly. We hope that other states soon catch on and start to allow pets in their transportation services as well.

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