Juno – Our Miraculous Indie

Juno was the apple of her eyes but she understood the true meaning of love only after she was about to loose him. Please read this beautiful story by Preetha Surendran: Juno – Our Miraculous Indie

Juno- Our Miraculous Indie

We got Juno on August 2007. He was 45 days when my mom found him near her office. I still remember how I held him in my hands. I was sixteen when we got him and there was an instant bond between us.

Over the years, our bond grew tighter. Juno accompanies me wherever I go- be it the temple or the shop, he is always there. He never liked to be on a leash. He had his own routine of leaving and coming back on time. Interestingly, he learned how to open the doors as well. So, entering and leaving the house was never a problem for him.

Juno- Our Miraculous IndieEveryone in my locality are still amazed by his obedience. The truth is, we never tried to train him. His instincts developed with time. As he grew older he started to love and trust us more.

As years went by our area became congested with cars, traffic and people. This is why I started getting scared of having Juno wander the streets on his own, even if it was for 5 mins.

My worst dream came true. In 2017, Juno was hit by a biker who didn’t even stop to see what happened to him. When I saw Juno, my heart broke. People told me he wasn’t moving and I could see his pain. I put his head against my shoulder and couldn’t control my tears. Despite his pain, Juno made sure to wipe off every tear on my left cheek. That was when I realized how great dogs are. He desperately tried to stand but his backbone was damaged. The doctor arrived to give him a shot but he prepared me for the worst. Juno was an older dog and therefore he had lesser chances of survival.Juno- Our Miraculous Indie

The whole night Juno laid on my lap and God knows how many prayers I said for him. It was a rough night and I seldom slept. The next day The following day I had an exam but I skipped it because I knew I would not be in peace without him. I just assured him that we will survive this together. He would live to see my baby and just like how he showed me the true meaning of love, he will do the same to my child.

The following afternoon a miracle happened. Juno stood up on all fours and came to me. It was like seeing my trust in true love, spring to life. It took him 3 months to recover completely. He started going out to potty and never troubled me or my grandma but I made sure I walked with him.

Now he is fine and after I got married, he was the first to sense my pregnancy. We spent hours together talking to my unborn baby.

Please don’t ignore a dog just because it’s an Indie. Indian dogs are beautiful and are easy to train. You can understand their affection and strength only after you get an indie. Just go ahead and adopt a dog, it will change both your lives.

By: Preetha Surendran

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