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Is Organ Meat The Best Meat For Dogs?

Organ meat consumption has become a huge topic of discussion over the years. But is it really the best meat for dogs living in hot tropical cities?

Is organ meat the best meat for dogs

Organ meat is packed with essential nutrients that is essential for dogs who live on a raw diet. While the muscle meat is protein rich, the organs are packed with vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12. They have phosphorus, magnesium, iodine etc. However, along with the vitamins and minerals it is also very important to understand where we buy the meat from. One must also understand the true purpose of these organs before giving them to their dogs. This will help us understand whether organ meat is really the best meat for dogs.

The kidneys for instance, acts as a filter. It catches impurities in our system and expels it in the form of urine. The liver also helps in detoxifying the system of toxic chemicals. So, though these organs are gold for the body they contain a lot of harmful toxins that get trapped within it. These toxins are difficult to break down, particularly in hotter cities where we should give our dogs protein that is easy on their stomach.

Another reason for concern is the source of the meat. Most places in India are yet to have organic farms where animals are fed with fresh natural produce. Most of our animal farms are built to satisfy the ever rising human population. This means the well being of the farm animal is often ignored. A chicken that is stressed and not fed properly will have a lot more cholesterol in their kidney and liver than vitamins and minerals.

If you want to introduce a organ meat to your dog, we would suggest the heart. It much easier on the stomach. Start with a little and check for signs of indigestion. If they seem fine, repeat it after a span of few days. Chicken and lamb heart works as great training treats for hungry canines but remember to control the portion and avoid it during the hottest times of the year.

Cooked or Raw?

Here is another question that people frequently ask- should we give our dog home-cooked or raw organ meat?

The thing is, you should only give your dog raw meat if you have access to fresh kill. Never give your dog raw store brought meat. This is not only true for India, but for everywhere in the world. Store brought meat usually sits on the counter for hours till someone buys it. This gives enough time for virus and bacteria to contaminate it. Even a thorough wash doesn’t get rid of the contamination. The only reason why we survive is because we cook the meat. Freezing and boiling saves the day for us and our dogs!

What is a better option?

Dogs raised in hot tropical cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc, will thrive on meat that is easy to digest. Bird meat like chicken breast, legs and even claws work as a great source of nutrition for them.

Do you give your dog organ meat? Please share your experience with us down below.

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