Irritating Questions People Ask When You Adopt A ‘Streetie’

Here in India, distinct dog breeds have a perceived status symbol. So, naturally when you adopt a street dog these are some questions that are bound to come your way

Irritating Questions People Ask When You Adopt A ‘Streetie’

Recently, articles, websites, campaigns and even actors have evoked the consciousness- ‘adopt, don’t shop’. This inspired many to adopt street dogs (or ‘streeties’) and pamper them with accessories and lots of love.

Many buy dogs for the breed factor, and end up, not only falling in love with the dog they own, but all dogs in general. So, when you tell your human buddies that you adopted your dog, they admire you for what you did. But, there are always those people who can’t understand why you would keep a street dog at home. These questions come from them!

Is s/he vaccinated?

Like, of course she is! Just because I didn’t buy my dog doesn’t mean I won’t pay for its well-being!

Where do you keep your dog?

I have a dog on a leash, clearly pampered with treats and toys- where do you think I keep her? When you tell them that she stays in your house, and on your couch, they make a you just told them that carrots grow on trees.

Do you buy food for your dog?

Yes, another common question we streetie lovers get. Probably because people think we are poor and can’t afford to buy things a breed dog gets. Truth is, we spend lots and pamper our buddies just as much!

Where does your dog sleep?

Our dogs sleep where we sleep- i.e. our beds. Shocking? Well, get used to it!

And lastly, our personal favourite. We won’t keep you waiting for too long, but let the drums roll:

If your street born dog isn’t listening to you, this is the advice you often get- Try speaking in Hindi. This is a desi dog, which is probably why it doesn’t understand ‘sit’.

I hope the suspense was worth the last one. Every time I hear this, it cracks me up. If this was true, the German Shepherd would understand German, a Pomeranian would understand Polish. Our dear labs would have been the only ones surviving with English. And streeties? Well, seeing as we are a multilingual country, they would have been the champion of all languages!


We hope you enjoyed this list. Do you own a street born dog? You can share your experiences with us on our social media handles!

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