Three Legged Indian Dog Finds Forever Home In USA! Here’s His Story

indian dog

‘Finally the eagle has landed,’ they said when Tyagi inspected his new home in Philadelphia and found a comfortable spot on the couch to crash. Everything seems set for this sweet tempered Indian dog but there was a time when Tyagi didn’t even have a name and had to scavenge for food every just day to survive.

Two years ago Pria Nagwekar found him in a ditch in Vikhroli just waiting to die. A car had gone over his leg. Tyagi tried to recover in a gutter. But since his wound was deep, there was no chance he could recover without any medical help. Maggots found their way into his rotting flesh and started eating into it.

Thanks to Pria, the dog got a name (Tyagi) and was nurtured back to health. The Save Our Strays Foundation worked hand in hand to give Tyagi a new life. There was no way Tyagi could keep his leg, but that didn’t stop him from living. It didn’t take him long till he started walking, running and jumping as though nothing was ever wrong with him.

By the time he recovered he was already two years old and no one in India wanted to adopt an adult three legged Indian dog. Pria tried to get Tyagi adopted through various adoption forums and camps but nothing helped and Tyagi kept changing foster homes. All hope was lost until Sushant and Sheetal got in touch with the Save Our Strays Foundation Mumbai. They seemed very keen to bring home an Indie dog.

The only problem was that Sushant and Sheetal did not live nearby. Their home was all the way in Philadelphia and taking Tyagi from Mumbai to Philadelphia was going to be an issue. They had to book a Lufthansa flight because Air India 191 did not allow Tyagi a fourteen hour ordeal. The Lufthansa flight reached Newark, via Frankfurt and the entire journey cost this couple around Rs.3 lakhs ($4,500).

Once Tyagi reached his new home, he ate a meal, explored his new home and found a comfy spot on the couch to sleep on. What a wonderful story for such a beautiful little boy. Tyagi’s story reminds us how important it is to adopt a dog. They come in all shapes and sizes; some have four legs while others have three or two but they all love us the same.

You can call 9820141310 to adopt a dog through the Save Our Strays foundation. If you want to bring home a little bundle of joy, it’s better to save one that needs a home!

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