How To Tame Your Guinea Pig?

guinea pigs

Guinea Pigs are cute furry pets with unique personalities. They have come to India fairly recently as pets, which is why many don’t yet know how to tame them.

Remember that it might take a little time and patience from your side to tame them but the process will be equally rewarding. Do not pick up your piggy when you have just brought them home. This is because these little guys do not do well with height. Firstly, they feel giddy even when they are put on slight elevation. Secondly, as explained in the video, they associate being picked with being preyed on. Some piggies might not like to be picked even after they have been tamed. If you want to know more about these little piggies, you can click here.

Also remember to buy them in pairs or groups of the same sex. this will keep them calm and will make the taming process much easier.

The video below will give you a few easy tips with which you can tame your little piggies!

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