From ‘Streetie’ To Snowy

Snowy was dumped in a gutter, left to die…

From ‘Streetie’ To Snowy

I wanted a dog for years and spent most of my spare time doing research on the ideal dog breeds for my lifestyle. With further research I learned that there are so many dogs out there who desperately need a home and so, I became determined to adopt a dog. I mean they need a human and I need a dog- doesn’t that make it a match made in heaven?

A few years into my obsession, a little puppy landed in front of my house- not a very easy task considering that I live on the third floor. The only reason why I didn’t have a dog yet was because I wasn’t able to convince my parents. I didn’t get my hopes high this time either.

She was a scrawny little girl crying at our doorstep. When I opened the door I knew why she was crying- she had a terrible skin infection and a mild fever. My mother didn’t want her in the house but I managed to convince her. I wrapper the little pupper inside an old towel and brought her in.

From ‘Streetie’ To SnowyI had a bad cough, because of the never ending monsoon, and didn’t want to leave the house. But since it was a Saturday and all vet clinics were closed, I had to make a move to buy first aid supplies. My mother reluctantly fed her milk and biscuits and sung her while I went out to get the supplies.

When I came back home, I found her sleeping on the corner with her old towel. My mother was growing fond of her, without a doubt, but she didn’t want to keep her. She had my brother on her side too but I was adamant!

During the weekends I did a bit of digging around to know more about our pup. It turns out that before she landed up in front of my house she was trapped inside a gutter. No one knows how long she was in there and whether she fell or was purposely thrown in. All we know is that the lid was on the manhole when our neighbour found her.

After knowing her back story I didn’t have the heart to let her go. I tried to keep her with her litter mates the next morning but she came back crying. Since then my family knew that this streetie will not survive on the streets. They weren’t happy to have her in the house but they didn’t want her to die! Her puppy barks and scrawny tail wags started to grow on them.

We put her pictures up for adoption, hoping that someone would take her. In the meantime, we took her to the vet on the first Monday and started her first round of vaccinations. From a nameless street dog, she transformed to ‘Snowy’. Our girl finally had a name and it was my mother’s choice.

From ‘Streetie’ To Snowy

Along with her skin infection, Snowy was anemic and highly malnourished. She was terrified of the stairs, big dogs, cars and quite literally anything that moved. She only trusted us, which completely changed my mother and brother. As time went by they could not think of her leaving the house with another human.

Snowy pranced when my brother came back from home and she followed my mother around everywhere. When we had dinner, she slept at our feet. It was hard for us to not get attached. Slowly my brother started returning her affection and that is when we knew that this little girl is a foster fail! We took her adoption pictures down in a few months- I can’t express how happy it made me feel!

Now Snowy is about six months, she is very naughty and pampered by those who were once reluctant to have her. She keeps us on our toes day in and day out but everyday with her is a day worth living!

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