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Declawing A Cat.. The Worst Possible Punishment You Can Give Your Pet. Read To Know Why


Everyone is talking about declawing cats across the world. But what does it mean to declaw your cat and why is it done?

Declawing is a surgical procedure that amputates a cat’s claws so that owners don’t ever have to worry about them scratching furniture or people. Since their claws are attached to their last toe bone, the entire bone needs to be removed to make sure their nail doesn’t grow again. This amputation process requires a few weeks to heal. The cat is not allowed to walk during the recovery time; they can’t use the litter during this time either. This rule is better said than done, because really? Do you think your cat will understand the meaning of ‘bed rest’? Cats try to be on their feet all the time, like all other animals, even if it causes them pain.

If an expert performs the surgery, your cat might experience a full recovery after an eight-day period of painful healing. Otherwise, there can be complications (as possible in any kind of surgery). Sometimes this operation can damage the nerve endings on their feet. If this happens, your cat might experience pinching pain every time they walk! Cats hide their pain because it’s in their survival instincts. In the wild, any sign of weakness makes them an easy prey for predators. This is why it is normal for them to put on a brave face. However, it does not mean your cat is okay! Slow movement and sudden agitation can in fact be signs of pain.

Declawing can lead to behavior changes as well. Many owners have spoken about it. For a cat their only weapon against predators are their claws. They rarely use their teeth. Even if you have a house cat, this sudden amputation will make them feel unsafe and vulnerable. Without their claws, climbing will also become difficult for them which can also contribute to their agitation.

Despite the health risks and the possibility of behavioral changes, the main question is why? What is the need for declawing when nail clippers can do the same job without hurting your cat? Unlike spaying and neutering, this operation has no health benefits. In fact, it increases risks for back problems and anxiety issues. If you are dealing with scratching issues, there are other humane solutions to it.  Declawing isn’t one of them.

Is an operation worth it if it does not bring any health benefits? Just think about it, would you operate on yourself if you know that nothing good will come out of it?

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