Can My Dog Have Scrambled Eggs?

Eggs are a great source of protein, but are all methods of preparation safe for your dog? Read more to find out.

can my dog have scrambled eggs

Chicken eggs contain 10% protein and 90% fluids. The yolk is largely made of healthy fats and is high in cholesterol. Unlike humans, most dogs face no issues while digesting cholesterol. They love eggs and egg flavoured treats and since eggs are safe for them, this is one snacking option we can’t feel guilty of giving them. It is a healthy source of calories and young or underweight dogs benefit from it.

So, can my dog have scrambled eggs? Are they the best way to prepare eggs for your dog? Not really… Scrambled eggs absorb more oil or butter (or whichever fat you wish to cook them in) because they separate to many small surfaces. Each piece gets coated with the fat separately. Dogs do not need the extra fats in their diet and therefore you do not need to give them scrambled eggs.

Alternate Egg Preparations

There are healthy ways to prepare eggs for your dog. The classic unsalted hard boil egg is ideal and very easy to make, but you can mix it up for your dog to make them feel a little special sometimes.

Baked Egg

This is a wonderful oil-less omelette that your dog can enjoy from time to time. It is simple, all you have to do is beat the egg and pop it into the oven till firm.

Egg and Potato

For those who want to treat their pooch extra special, here is another egg dish for you. Boil half a big potato (or an entire small one), till soft. Let the potato cool and peel of the skin. Mash the potato and keep it separately. This is when the egg enters the scene. Crack an egg and beat it till fluffy. Add the potato in the egg and mix till smooth. Pop it in the over at 180 degrees for 10 minutes or till nice and firm. Serve when cold.

Dogs love the natural sweetness of the potato with the egg. But since they can’t have too many potatoes, reserve this special recipe only for special days.

So, here are some fun egg recipes for your pooch. Avoid anything that needs oil, butter or clarified butter (ghee). Dogs do not require extra fat in their system. You can give them eggs as a fun treat or just to make them feel a little loved.

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