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Can Dogs Have Salt? Facts You Must Know

A commonly asked question- can dogs have salt? The answer is not right in front of us because they seem perfectly fine after gulping down some forbidden salty treats. But what happens in the long run?

can dogs have salt

This is a tricky question because dogs do not immediately get sick from salt consumption. Some can have it and get on with their lives. So, can dogs have salt? Does it cause serious health risks?

Dogs have a higher heart rate than humans and increased salt in their body can increase their palpitations. This can create heart problems in the long run. High salt intake on a daily basis, can also lead to liver and kidney problems as well. You are better of leaving salty human treats safely tucked away and out of their reach.

If your dog has sneakily gets their nose into something salty, do not panic. It will not have immediate effects on them as long as you make sure that it doesn’t become a habit. If this every happens to your dog, you should provide them with bowls of water. Salt makes them very thirsty and an increase in water intake will help flush it out from their system. Don’t panic if your dog vomits because this is simply nature’s way of getting rid of the excess salt. But, if the vomiting continues and your dog seems to be uncomfortable, a visit to the vet will be a good idea.

Dogs often end up drinking gulps of sea water when you take them to the beach. This can cause severe diarrhea and vomiting because salt from the sea is not treated. This is why it is important to take precautions before visiting the beach. Make sure you bring lots of drinking water with you. Call your buddy into the shade every fifteen minutes and give them fresh drinking water. This will keep them hydrated and reduce their temptations from trying out that salty ocean water.

If you feed your dog dry pellets, choose good quality options. Often, cheaper marketed food increase the shelf life of the product by adding a large amount of salt. It can also contain artificial food coloring. So, please have a look at the ingredients, if it contains more than 0.3% salt (per serving) it is a little too much for your pooch.


We know it is difficult to say no when your pooch makes a sad face while you are eating but please do not feed them off the table. Dogs need 0.3% in their diet and this negligible amount is already present in their diet. There is really no need to add extra salt. In fact a no salt diet can increase their life by years!

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