How To Bathe A Guinea Pig

bathe guinea pig

This guide will help you keep your guinea pig clean and tidy! Do note that we do not recommend bathing a guinea pig too frequently. They usually don’t require much of help with their grooming needs. You should only bathe them when absolutely necessary.

1 – Gather Supplies

Do not use human soaps/ shampoos for bathing your guinea pig. You can find guinea pig shampoos at most exotic pet stores. If not, you can try with a very mild baby shampoo too. Also make sure you have a place for your guinea pig to sit such as a big bowl or a small tub. Make sure it’s big enough to not let your pig escape.

2 – Make Your Guinea Pig Comfortable

You need to ensure that your guinea pig doesn’t freak out when it sees water. Carefully take it to the bathing area and offer some treats so that it stays happy and calm. Once it is comfortable, put it in the water and wait till it adjusts itself well.

3 – Lather

Use the above mentioned types of shampoo and lather properly. Remove all visible dirt. Do not over scrub as it might hurt the soft skin and cause irritation. Avoid putting shampoo above the neck area as it might enter the ears/ eyes/ nose etc. and irritate your guinea pig. After lathering up, its a good idea to wait a few minutes before washing off so that the coat has time to clean.

4 – Rinse

After waiting for a few minutes rinse off the shampoo from your guinea pig’s body. Be sure to not let any shampoo remain on any part of the body. Run your fingers through the coat to remove residue. Give a few treats that would help calm it down.

5 – Dry

Take your guinea pig in the towel and dry it well. Make sure you do not over rub as it might hurt them. Clean their face, ears and nose gently. Once they are dry enough, you may take a small comb and brush them well. Stroke their hair to set it properly.

Tip – Make sure you clean the cage before putting your guinea pig back in! A dirty cage would waste all your efforts in no time.

We hope this guide helped you taking care of your guinea pigs and giving them a good clean. A clean cage will help you prolong baths.

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