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Here Are A Few Albino Dogs You Have Probably Never Seen Before

Albino dogs lack sufficient levels of melanin that give them colour

albino german shepheard

Albinism is a rare condition among all animals including dogs. Albinism is often confused with a dog being white in colour. True albinism is a condition in which there is no pigment on coat, skin and the eyes of dog. The very basic difference between a white dog and an albino dog is that a white dog produces white pigment in their coat and skin whereas albino dogs do not have any kind of pigmentation and hence looks white.

Albino dogs are ones that cannot produce sufficient melanin to give their skin a colour.

Below are some albino dogs we have complied that you might not have seen before! Check them out

Albino Boxer



albino pug

Great Dane

albino great dane

German Shepherd

albino german shepheard


Bull Dog





albino maltese

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