A Young Boy With Six Dogs And One Big Dream

Muanpuia Kemprai went through a tough childhood. His pets help him get through the rough times. Here is his story:

A Young Boy With Six Dogs And One Big Dream

Ever since I was a child, I was very fond of animals. I was one of those kids who always got bullied and had very few friends. My only friends were my animals.

My parents had a very large land far from the town, and since I didn’t have a lot of company around my area, they brought me non human companions. Our house was like a mini zoo and I remember spending most of my time with hens, dogs, ducks, rabbits and pigs. This helped me cope with tough times.

Now I have 6 full grown dogs and I love them all equally. They have free space to roam around and enjoy. Sometimes they use their freedom to do naughty things- like chasing away my neighbour’s hens. But despite all the mischievous things they do, I still love them and I know they love me back.

 My childhood taught me how to love and respect animals. I know that the world may turn its back on me, but my dogs will always be by my side. This makes me ever so grateful to all my pets.

In my home town, many people eat dog meat. They treat them like nothing more than a food product. I think differently and try to make everyone understand that dogs have emotions- just like us. Dogs are special because they don’t know how to hate. This is why I have so much respect towards them.

In the future, I would really love to work for an organisation which saves and rehomes animals that are in need. My pets have given me so much throughout my life and I feel it is now my time to give back to them.

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