A Match Made In Heaven

Shreya Sinha wanted a dog. Little did she know that there was a dog out there who needed a human too. It was a match made in heaven

match made in heaven

We wanted a pet for a very long time. In fact, we even went ahead with a fostering program to see if we were ready to take on the responsibility. We fostered two dogs through this program and though we felt we could have a dog of our own, other circumstances pulled us back.

This was a difficult time for my husband and I because we were expecting our second child. We knew that a pet and a baby together will be a hands-on job so we delayed our plan a bit.

We revisited the idea only after our second child became six months old. Back then, we wanted a Saint Bernard. We knew it would be difficult to raise a Bernard in the Delhi heat but we were determined. We were going to  give our pup the comforts of a king! I was ready for a Saint Bernard till I came across some posts on social media, which threw some light on puppy mills. On my social media handles, I found posts about breeders who brutally kill their pups if they not sold. I was heart broken when I came to know this. So, instead of buying and encouraging this practice, we decided to adopt instead.

The following week I found out about an angel, Pallavi U. Dar, who rescues abandoned dogs. We met her a few times and talked to her until she felt we are ready for our own pet. And finally we met Sultan!

It’s a miracle that Sultan made it out of his ordeal. Nidhi, our second angel, found him tied to a tree, loosing life with every passing second. She fostered him for four months and made him fit for adoption. She calls Sultan, her ‘duniya’ even to this day, which shows how attached she is to him. Nidhi’s love and care made Sultan everything his name stands for. Now, Sultan could conquer the world- and he did. He conquered our hearts as soon as we met him. He walked in our house like a king taking his rightful place on the throne! Sultan and us- we are truly a match made in heaven. He is etched in our hearts for this life and beyond!

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Author: Shreya Sinha

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