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5 Things To Keep In Mind When You Take Your Pooch To The Beach

5 Things To Keep In Mind When You Take Your Pooch To The Beech

Now, with the summer vacation on the way, it is the perfect time to plan a day out in the beach. But when your four-legged fur friend comes along, you must take a few extra precautions so that they can enjoy the beach just as much as their human companions.

Avoid The Beach From 11am to 4pm

This depends on where you live but you should ideally avoid the hottest hours of the day. If you have a slightly older or a furry dog, remember to take extra care. Try not to exert them out in the beach and keep them in a cool shaded area when the sand is too hot to walk on. Dogs do have a higher risk of heat strokes, which is why it is better to avoid noon timings.

Sun Protection

Dogs need sun protection too, especially those who have a light coat and thin skin. But be very careful when you pick a sun block lotion for your pooch. Remember they do lick themselves often, so the sun screen should not only protect them from the sun, but it should be safe if ingested. There are many sun block lotions that are made specifically for dogs but if you are having trouble finding them, go for baby sun block creams. Do read the through the components carefully and avoid any product the contains artificial colours, odours and Zinc oxide.

Make sure you apply sunscreen on sensitive areas like their ear tips, stomach, abdomen, groin and areas with less fur. Apply a small amount over their fur, especially if they have a thing coat.

Water. Lot’s Of It!

Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink- that’s what happens when you visit the beach. So, make sure you take a lot of fresh water for your pooch. Too much time in the sun and too little water can cause severe dehydration. Call them near a shade after every 20-30 minutes and offer them fresh cool water to drink.

Supervision In The Ocean

Though it is an unstated rule that you must always keep an eye on your pooch, we want to put emphasis on this when they are running in and out of the waves. They can enjoy the water and cool themselves but make sure they don’t drink any of it. This is because of the high salt content in sea water. If they accidentally ingest too much of it they may become dehydrated or may vomit the excess salt. Dogs have higher intolerance to salt than we do so please be careful of it.

Post The Beach

So, it was a day well spent with ample hours near the salty sea and the warm sun. The day doesn’t end after you reach home. Make sure to clean their fur and places that touched the sand- especially their paws. It can be uncomfortable for dogs to have sand between their paws so help them out a little. Sand can cause redness or irritation on their skin- especially if they have sensitive skin. If they played sand all day, it may be a good idea to give them a good bath before they sleep.

So these were a few things that we thought you must keep in mind if you have a pooch and are planning to have a good time with them in the beach. Please be watchful of signs like too much salivation and panting. If you feel your pooch is tired, pull them to the shade and give them a good helping of cold water.

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