5 Irresistible Indoor Games For Your Dog

If it is too sunny or pouring like crazy, you need to have plan B ready to keep your super energetic pooch on their toes. So, to keep your pooch exercised and your expensive furniture safe from bites and scratches, we have a few indoor games to do the trick.

5 Irresistible Indoor Games For Your Dog

Indian summers can be harsh, which is why we suggest not to take your dogs out when it is really hot outside. Time away from the scorching sun is great for their health and a huge bummer at the same time. This is why we thought of a few interactive indoor games that you can play with your pooch during the peak summers.

Find My Toy

This game is easy to teach and hard to stop playing (once we master the rules). Start by teaching your dog the names of their toys. The game should include their favourite toy. If your pooch is treat driven, you can replace toys with their favourite treat. Once your dog understands the name of their beloved toy, try to have them bring it back to you when you mention its’ name. After they learn how to fetch it when the toy is in the open, hide it in front of them and ask them to bring it back. Once they have mastered this, hide the toy when they are not looking and ask them to bring it back.

This game works particularly well with intelligent dogs and will help you stimulate them mentally as well as physically. Remember, that this game does take time to learn and your dog must know basic principles of fetch and ‘stay’ before learning this. So, don’t loose patience during the learning process.

Hide and Seek

This is similar to the first game but instead of hiding toys or treats you hide yourself, and ask your pooch to find you. This game is slightly easier to teach than the first option and is very fun to play!

Indoor Fetch

If your dog knows how to play fetch, playing it indoor is the best way to burn channelize their energy. Make sure to choose a long corridor within your house or an area surrounded by lesser furniture for a safe game of fetch.

Interactive Toys

There are many interactive toys that allow you to put treats inside them to make your dog think and struggle to take the treat out. But you can re-create this game simply with a bottle. All you have to do is get rid of the lid, put their favourite treat inside it and watch them toss it around for treats. However, keep in mind that you must monitor any game that involves plastic. They can play with the bottle so long as they don’t puncture it. Once you see holes inside the bottle, it would be a good idea to get rid of it.

If you want to make this game safer you can replace the bottle with a green coconut that has a very small opening. Switching it with green coconut will make the game beneficial to teething puppies and of course there will be no harm if they ingest a bit of the coconut.

Learning a New Trick

This isn’t exactly a new game for your pooch but it is definitely one activity that will keep your food or play driven dog interested and on their toes. If your dog loves learning new tricks this will be like a fun indoor activity for them. Once you get past the basics, like ‘sit’, ‘stand’, ‘stay’ etc, try to challenge them by tricks like ‘sit pretty’ or ‘back’. This little activity might brighten up their evening.

So, there you have it. If it is too sunny or pouring like crazy, here are some fun and interactive indoor games that will not only stimulate your dog mentally and physically, but also let you interact with them in a positive environment.

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