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4 Myths About Street Born Dogs- Busted

The media and the people around us have spread some ghastly rumours about the docile Indian Street Dogs. We thought we will break the 4 existing myths on these wonderful beings.

4 Myths About Street Born Dogs- Busted

They are near our buildings, gardens and dustbin areas. They stay in packs, dozing around the footpaths during busy mornings. Yes, you guessed it- today we are talking about the Indian Street Dogs. Born on the Indian streets, cars don’t startle them any more, nor do people or footsteps. Though they let us live our lives peacefully, we don’t return the favour. Over time, the media and rumours have impacted our thoughts on street dogs. So, through this article we wish to bust a few myths that revolve around these gentle beings.

Myth 1: They Are Very Aggressive

Yes! Very! Look at the picture below. Doesn’t he look like he will bite your head off? (Sarcasm Intended)

4 myths about street born dogs in india

On a serious note- the truth, is every street dog is different. Most of them are friendly and some avoid humans because of negative past experiences. But very few of them are aggressive. The truth is, even street dogs are sensible. If they don’t like you they will avoid you. They know that sinking their teeth in our flesh is never a good idea.

They Are Hard To Train

With a street born dog who knows more than 12 commands and can accurately open doors, I can confidently say that this myth was long broken. Usually street born dogs are very intelligent and keen to learn. They need to relay on their intelligence when they are on the streets or else they will stay hungry for life.

This is why an adopted street born dog can easily learn new tricks. Usually, they rely a lot on their street smarts and try to solve problems. They are both treat driven and play driven and that makes training ten times easy.

Street Born Dogs Are Difficult To Control During Mating Season

The truth is ANY dog may or may not be difficult to handle during mating season. Each dog is different and we cannot put them in boxes. There are Labradors running behind female dogs during mating seasons while, on the other hand, there are Rottweilers that stay close to their humans during the same season.

Any dog can be difficult to control when love is in the air which is why it is a good idea to spay or neuter your dog at the right age. Spaying and neutering also has many health benefits which is why is advised to dog owners

Street Born Dogs Can Hunt Like Wild Dogs

So, have you heard anyone tell you that street dogs are wild by nature and that they can willingly kill? Let us look into this statement with a little bit of logic. Street dogs are ancestral offspring’s of dogs that broke away from the wild dog community to work along side humans. Yes, they could hunt- a zillion years ago. Perhaps if we still lived a nomadic life, street dogs would have been excellent hunters. But human civilisation have changed considerably over the centuries. Our food comes in packets and their waste products go back in packets. That is how street dogs manage their day. They don’t have to rely on prey because humans throw away a lot of edible waste products.

Have you ever noticed why large number of street dogs live near garbage areas? That’s because what is waste for us is food for them. Over the centuries, their intestines have become so strong that they can easily digest rotten food. This is why streeties don’t rely on hunting. Most of them don’t even know how to hunt or that hunting will fill their stomach.

Now there is some truth to the fact that some street born dogs have a natural prey drive however prey drives are not lost in breeds either. There are certain breeds that are known to have a high prey drive and must be trained early to keep them calm and stable around small animals.

So here are four myths about street born dogs that we busted. These dogs are very versatile and with the proper love and care they can make excellent pets. Please consider giving street born dogs a chance and if you have adopted a dog from the streets, share your experiences with us on our social media.

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