About Us

Petzenia is a branch owned by Passionate Pet Solutions Pvt Ltd. Through Petzenia we aim to provide a range of services to pet owners in our country. We understand that it is not always easy being a pet parent in India. Our blog aims to build a community of individuals who share the same passion for pets. Petzenia wants to make your life easy so that you can love your pet without any worries.
Petzenia meals is an essential part of the website where we sell our own unique branch of all-natural, home-cooked meals for dogs. We want to give you the best dog food in India at very reasonable prices. We recommend home-cooked meals for dogs because it’s fresh and healthy, but we also understand that it is not possible for busy pet parents to regularly cook for their canine counterparts. Therefore, we intricately thought out the best home-cooked dog meals that will make your life much easier.
We care about the well-being of your pet, which is why we make sure our meals are cooked with love. They are made from scratch with fresh ingredients and in small batches so that they remain fresh. We do not use any harmful preservatives and chemicals to increase the shelf life.
Soon, Petzenia will provide you with the most unique and delicious mixes for your pets. Petzenia is your one stop destination for varieties of edible items for dogs, be it meals, treats, biscuits, chews- we will have it all. The best part is- you won’t even have to move a muscle. Just order it online and we’ll have it delivered to you.
Petzenia also cares about your comforts as a pet owner. We want to give you more than just food. Our care tips and services will make pet keeping easy and fun. So, come and start parenting with Petzenia!
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