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Why Petzenia Meals?

petzenia cook and serve fresh

We Cook And Serve It Fresh!

Humans aren’t the only ones who like a fresh meal; your pooch likes it too. Therefore, we prepare our meals as soon as we get your order. Fresh food always tastes better than stored ones, and this is why we take extra efforts to deliver it fresh.

nutritionally balanced

Nutritionally Balanced

Our meals, provide a wholesome diet. We use a variety of high fibrous vegetables and healthy oils along with a high-quality animal protein. This caters to a very balanced, nutritional and wholesome diet.

human grade ingredients

Only Human Grade Ingredients

All our ingredients are human and dog safe. This means that we do not use any processed meet, artificially added fillers, chemicals, artificial colours and flavours. All our ingredients are organic, flavoured naturally.

healthy and convenient

Healthy And Convenient 

Dogs need fresh wholesome meals and we understand that cooking one regularly takes a lot of time. This is why we decided to manage the cooking while you sit back and relax.

Our Best Selling Recipes!

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How it Works

order meals

You tell us about your dog and order meals online


We prepare fresh meals and send directly to your door

you serve

You serve fresh – nutrition delivered!

Petzenia Treats

petzenia treats

We take the time and effort to make a healthy treat. For us, it is important to create quality not quantity. This is why we prepare small batches of treats that are quality tested and approved. All our treats are made of natural human grade ingredients to make sure it is safe and healthy at the same time. You may wonder why our treats are so irresistible. The answer is simple, our treats are a combination of real ingredients, baking time and our dedication to provide them with the best.
Our reason for doing this is very simple. Dogs are family and we understand the bond you share with them. They deserve fresh treats that come out of the oven just like we do. That was our inspiration behind Petzenia treats.

Our Best Selling Treats!

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