Why Petzenia Meals?

If you are a dog parent, you would know how important it is to provide them with a healthy wholesome diet. Food is fuel and only the right kind of food generates the right amount of fuel.

A poor diet leads to hair fall, obesity, lethargy and a few other severe consequences. Therefore, understanding your dog’s dietary needs is very important. Now, with the sudden boom in the pet industry, we see varieties of dog kibble and treats in the market. While some of them are carefully thought out, others may do more harm than good.

Our package is perfect for working parents. It is also a great alternative for vegetarian households who don’t want to deprive their canines of what they love. Petzenia meals are made from fresh organic ingredients. So, rest assured that your dog will be fed a nourishing meal that is easy on their tummies. You can order it online and have a freshly prepared meal delivered right at your doorstep!

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Choose from a range of products or consult us for a customized meal plan


Choose from a range of products or consult
us for a customized meal plan

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Kibble vs All Natural Dog Meals

With the coming of kibble, most dog parents keep their pooch away from home cooked meals. We feel that what comes fresh out of the kitchen is not as wholesome as what comes out of a packet.

Dear dog folks, do remember the following:

Kibble is designed to last longer on your shelf. Some of them have a shelf life of more than a year! Preservatives, animal by products and lots of artificial flavours makes your dog hungry for more. But hidden under the flavours are a lot of unwanted chemicals that goes into your dog’s system.

At Petzenia, we make sure you know exactly what goes in your dog’s food. Since our meals are freshly prepared, we don’t need any preservatives. As for the flavours- well, it’s all naturally delicious! All our meals are cooked in small batches so they remain fresh and inviting for your hungry little canine.